TEA Releases Final 2022-23 Enrollment Data

Total School Year 2022-23 enrollment = 5,518,432.

Both ISD and charter school enrollments increased this school year when compared to last school year, according to our analysis of TEA data released (here) on Friday, April 21.

  • Note: See our prior article about the TEA’s reporting of this school year’s record overall student enrollment, along with enrollment info relating to special student populations and programs, including special ed.

The TEA’s final release of enrollment info, available from the agency’s PEIMS Standard Reports page, also includes specific student demographic enrollment data by individual ISD and charter district, by counties and by education service center region.

The enrollment data was reported to the TEA by charters and ISDs in October 2022.

We’ve summarized the newly released statewide data in the graphics below — and have also included interactive databases of School Year 2022-23 enrollment rankings of ISDs and charters.

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