Report: The Principal Cleared of Assault Charge for Paddling Student Didn’t Violate State Law or his ISD’s Policy

Overton ISD locator map image on Texas map

The Texas Tribune reported today that the criminal assault charge filed last month against Overton ISD High School principal Jeff Hogg was ordered dismissed based on determinations by the Department of Public Safety and the Department of Family and Protective Services.

The state authorities collectively concluded that no child abuse occurred — and no state law was violated — because:

The principal administered the punishment in compliance with the OISD’s corporal punishment policy.

The student (in accordance with the policy) had chosen to be paddled in lieu of being assigned to in-school suspension.

The student’s mother and another female witness were present during the paddling.

The mother had convinced the student to complete the punishment (consisting of being swatted three times with a wooden paddle), after the student had initially stated, after the second swat, that she was hurt and didn’t want the third swat.

A Rusk County justice of the peace dismissed the charge against the principal on the recommendation of the county’s district attorney’s office.

Hogg’s arrest on the assault charge in relation to the Aug. 14 incident, which reportedly resulted in visible bruising to the unnamed female student, ignited a national conversation over whether corporal punishment should be banned in schools.

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